Wednesday, May 25, 2011

9-11 Truth Shirts

You may or may not be aware that I am a 9-11 truth advocate.
To get more information on this topic feel free to Google the subject, there are tons of informative sites out there. My personal favorite is

I have designed a few 9-11 truth t-shirts.
here is what I have so far, enjoy:

my personal favorite
The top row I made first with large logos taking up the entire front of the shirt..
Then I figured it might be too big, so I shrunk down the logos and moved them to the bottom left corner for a more artistic look.
The bottom most shirt is one that I tweaked just a little more and I actually really like a lot.
I chose to put on the back of the shirts only because they are my favorite website for this information.  Obviously the website can be changed if need be.
The blank t-shirt pic was downloaded from


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Hand Struggle

Hands have always been the hardest body part for me to draw in a realistic way.
Recently I created a digital painting of a girl and a dragon and completely butchered the girl's hand.  After a thorough critique from a fellow artist, I got back on the painting and redrew the entire hand.. It still isn't perfect, the proportions are still completely off, however I am happier with it than I was before.  I may continue to tweak it in the future, as I can still see there is a problem I just can't seem to connect what's in my brain with the tablet and the image on the screen. :(
Anyway, here are both versions for comparison:



If anymore improvements are made in the future, I will be sure to share.